THE RED HEIFER: Personal and Prophetic Significance (CD Series)


The mystery of the Red Heifer (Numbers 19) has profound significance to us both personally and prophetically.

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Personally, this teaching will transform your life and your relationship with God. It reveals so much about how God sees you and the intensity of His love for you that will deepen your intimacy with Him and bring lasting healing to your heart.

Prophetically, the recent birth in Israel of the first perfect Red Heifer in over 2,000 years reveals so much about end times deception that is critical for you to know in these times, and is directly related to the future deception of the 3rd temple, the anti-Christ, the coming of the Messiah and more!

This CD series contains 4 CDs:

  1. Personal Significance: Part One (41 min)
  2. Personal Significance: Part Two (47 min)
  3. Prophetic Significance: Part One (27 min)
  4. Prophetic Significance: Part Two (30 min)

Included in this CD series is a PDF download of handouts to follow as you listen to the teaching.

Please click here to find the MP3 download version of this CD series.


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