Passover Seder DVD and Booklet


In this life-changing DVD, Jeanne will lead you through a Passover Seder, emphasizing both the personal and prophetic significance of a Passover Seder! You can also follow along with the included Passover Seder Haggadah (booklet).

Suggested donation amount for this DVD and booklet is: $30.00



Jeanne has been teaching Passover Seders for many years and is passionate about presenting them in a manner that empowers her participants to: experience greater intimacy with God and a new level of freedom in their lives, remain unshaken no matter what, see themselves as God sees them, and get excited about their future with Jesus!

In addition to receiving your very own DVD of Jeanne teaching a Passover Seder, you will also receive a Passover Seder Haggadah (booklet) where you can follow along with Jeanne as she teaches and leads you through this Prophetic Passover Seder!


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