Facets of the Stone Episode 6 – Jeanne Nigro shows us how Rosh Hashanah, the feast of trumpets, is a “wake-up call” to our spiritual battle, the importance of repentance and using spiritual weapons of warfare for standing strong in the battle; as well as the excitement and anchor of hope we have in Jesus fulfilling the feast when He returns!

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Facets of the Stone Episode 12 – The Millennium: Part 1 – 11/1/16

Facets of the Stone Episode 12 – Biblical teacher Jeanne Nigro shares about the Millennium! What is it? What will you be doing? What will Jesus be doing? Focusing on the Millennium gives you hope for the future, strength and direction for today, and increases your intimacy with Jesus!

Facets of the Stone Episode 11 – Purim – 10/25/16

Facets of the Stone Episode 11 – Jeanne Nigro tells us how Esther used spiritual weapons of warfare that resulted in saving the Jewish people, and how we need to use these weapons to stand strong in the daily spiritual battle waged against us.

Facets of the Stone Episode 10 – Hanukkah – 10/18/16

Facets of the Stone Episode 10 – Author and teacher Jeanne Nigro shares how Hanukkah is so relevant for today as it reveals how God fights for us when we stand on His Word amidst an ungodly culture; how there is no darkness in our lives that His light cannot break through; and what it means to re-dedicate our lives to God moment-by-moment as we align our thoughts and hearts with His.

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