Facets of the Stone Episode 3 – Jeanne Nigro talks about one of the most well-known but least understood Biblical Feasts, ‘Passover.’ Jeanne shares incredible truths describing how Jesus fulfilled every single detail of Passover; what that tells you about God and how He sees you; and how it enables you to stand strong in these times!

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Jeanne Nigro on the Jewish Temples

What IS the deception of the 3rd Temple? Watch my recent interview airing today on “Christ in Prophecy” with David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries.

Facets of the Stone Episode 13 – Millennium Part 2 – 11/8/16

Facets of the Stone Episode 13 – Author and teacher Jeanne Nigro shares how the Millennium is relevant for our lives today as it gives us an action plan for what we can do now to build His kingdom, grow in intimacy with God, and prepare for Jesus’ return!

Facets of the Stone Episode 12 – The Millennium: Part 1 – 11/1/16

Facets of the Stone Episode 12 – Biblical teacher Jeanne Nigro shares about the Millennium! What is it? What will you be doing? What will Jesus be doing? Focusing on the Millennium gives you hope for the future, strength and direction for today, and increases your intimacy with Jesus!

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