1st Night of Hanukkah

1st Night of Hanukkah

Listen to this 2-minute Hanukkah spot: There’s no struggle or difficulty in your life that’s too big for God – when you stand firm and allow HIM to fight for you!

Do you want to see Revival?

It’s critical that we pray for our nation to turn back to the Lord, but before we can expect the country to repent, we must first be willing to repent ourselves - even in the “moment by moment” of our daily lives. In this month of Elul leading up to Rosh Hashanah, we...

Are You In?

In these end times, I believe God’s word for us today is “NO MORE!” No more gray, no more lukewarm, no more self-serving faith, no more blindness to spiritual warfare, no more abusing and being abused, no more ignoring and/or being controlled by strongholds and lies...

The Freedom of Shavuot

Whenever we celebrate His feasts or appointed times, the Lord releases a special blessing into our lives. The primary blessing that God desires for us to receive this season as we celebrate the Feast of Shavuot is one that began with the Feast of Passover and...

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