About Jeanne Nigro

I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives from the 10th Congressional District of New York because I love this country and I love New York City. 

However, at this time, our nation is at a turning point, faced with very critical and urgent challenges. Here in NYC, the residents and businesses in my district have many needs that are not being met.

Rather than being daunted by this intensely difficult and often highly-charged environment, I am uniquely qualified to face these challenges head-on, armed with the integration of many years of experience from both the corporate and non-profit worlds. This experience has equipped me as a change agent — capable of producing results and continuous improvement, yet in a fair, caring, and compassionate way toward all individuals. I am a naturally gifted listener, willing to listen and respond to the needs of all my constituents, focus on shared interests, and find common ground in order to move this country and city forward. I am driven by a passion to make a positive difference and ensure that our Constitution continues to be upheld and revered. This passion is fueled and kept alive by my determination as an overcomer.

My parents were my first role models of overcomers. My dad fought on the battlefields of Europe in WWII. My mother was pregnant with their third child when my dad was drafted. She lived alone in government housing on the ore docks of Lake Erie – no car, no support from family, no heat at night, no communication with my father until many months after my sister was born. Growing up, discussions in my home revolved around WWII stories, I watched countless war movies with my dad, and was profoundly impacted by the intense sacrifices made for the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted each day. My dad’s own war stories, the sacrifices my parents made – in addition to the PTSD he suffered that so profoundly impacted my family for future generations – drive my passion to fight for this country to ensure that his sacrifice, and that of millions of others, was not made in vain. I learned at an early age that freedom was not free, and that it was definitely worth fighting for! My parents never complained about their incredible sacrifices, for to them, fighting for this country was not an option, it was a given. After the war, my dad went on to raise seven successful children, without even having a high school degree. My mother’s most frequent words to me were, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

My sister joined the Air Force, one brother was a Marine, another joined the Navy. Clearly, our entire family is passionate about the importance of defending our freedoms.

As the youngest of these seven children, I also learned at an early age that I had to be an overcomer in order to survive. I grew up in a lower middle class northeast Ohio steel mill town. I had absolutely nothing handed to me, in fact it was quite the opposite. I worked my way through college and graduate school, paying 100% of all my expenses. I was fueled by the reality that if I wanted to rise above my economic, social, and/or geographic disadvantages and restrictions, it was up to me, and it would take commitment to a lot of hard work! Only in this country is it possible to rise above all disadvantages and limitations and fulfill your destiny. The “American Dream” is a reality and one worth fighting for! The fact that I am now a Congressional candidate, considering all that I have risen out of, is just another testimony to the great opportunities and freedoms available in this country that need to be protected.

I went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing from The Ohio State University, and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati.

I have 20 years of corporate experience working as an Organizational Change Consultant – transforming organizations so that they can fulfill their purpose. I worked with every level of employee, across all functions, in every type of organization. Unlike a career politician, I have “real world” expertise in the very skills that are most needed in Congress: solving problems, eliminating waste, continuously improving processes, increasing productivity & profitability, resolving conflict and differences, changing cultures, facilitating shared interests and common ground, as well as extensive public speaking experience

After 20 years of corporate work, I was bold enough to leave the familiar where I was confident in my expertise, and “start over again from scratch.” I founded “Jeanne Nigro Ministries,” a non-profit 501(c)3 that is focused on using media (writing, speaking, radio, TV) to:

  • empower people to remain unshaken no matter what
  • transform lives by enabling individuals to break through barriers to fulfilling their God-given purpose & destiny
  • equip and motivate people to get engaged in making a positive impact on our culture and government; and to do their part in defending and protecting our Constitution

Over the past 15 years of my non-profit work, I have demonstrated a deep and sincere compassion for every individual and their needs, the desire to have God’s heart for them, and an eagerness to help people identify and be free of any and all obstacles blocking them from experiencing all of the blessings God has for them.

Being a determined overcomer continues to be a consistent theme in my life. I overcame the intense challenges of being a special needs mom, and most recently of nearly losing my daughter in an equestrian accident. Having released my book “Unshaken, Standing Strong in Uncertain Times” only 3 weeks prior to her accident, all that I wrote was instantly tested and I was challenged to remain unshaken even while brain injuries threatened the loss of all her senses, facial muscles, and ability to walk. It’s an amazing story of overcoming, no matter how difficult the challenge, and of God healing and using ALL things for good!

This integration of my expertise as a change agent — focused on transforming organizations — with my expertise as the founder of a non-profit — focused on transforming lives — has uniquely qualified me as a Congressional Representative who will produce transforming results for NYC and this nation in a fair, caring and compassionate way, overcoming whatever challenges may get in my way.

We live in lower Manhattan and also spend time in DC – originally with my non-profit activities, and now for campaign planning and briefings on policy issues.